MAN-E-NEWS// The “Monsterex” keshi from Alien Robot Monster…

Teased here just a few days back, we can now reveal that the mini “Monsterex” keshi from A.R.M (Alien Robot Monster) will be up for grabs this week! Directly inspired by one of the many foes found in the classic TMNT Adventures comics, the ingenious mix of Universal Monsters – including elements from the Creature from theContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// The “Monsterex” keshi from Alien Robot Monster…”

MAN-E-NEWS// Medicom Toy’s “Batman” and “Deathlock” for the DC Comics Retro Sofubi Collection…

With the “Boy Wonder” Robin receiving a release as part of the ongoing DC Comics-licensed Retro Sofubi Collection earlier in the year (check him out here), creators Medicom Toy are proud to reveal that his partner, the caped crusader Batman, is now finally up for grabs too! Joined by one of our favourite DC anti-heroes,Continue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// Medicom Toy’s “Batman” and “Deathlock” for the DC Comics Retro Sofubi Collection…”

MAN-E-NEWS// The Robot 13 Kickstarter resin 5 pack from Deadbear Studios…

After months of set backs and delays, we can finally reveal the full Robot 13 mini figure set from Deadbear Studios! Created for Blacklist Studios’ Robot 13 Kickstarter campaign (find out more here), the pack features 5 of the comic series’ most memorable characters including King!, El Conejo Furioso and of course Robot 13, each castContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// The Robot 13 Kickstarter resin 5 pack from Deadbear Studios…”

MAN-E-NEWS// The “El Conejo Furioso” Robot 13 mini figure from Motorbot…

It’s been a while since we last heard anything about the Robot 13 mini figures (last posted here), so it came with great relief yesterday to find the fifth and final sculpt on Motorbot‘s instagram feed yesterday! Taking one of our favourite Robot 13/King! characters, the rabbit eared lucha mask wearing El Conejo Furioso, Motorbot hasContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// The “El Conejo Furioso” Robot 13 mini figure from Motorbot…”

MAN-E-NEWS// The Robot 13 mini-figures from Motorbot…

Even after his grisly encounter with an Exacto knife last week (check Instagram for the grisly details!), the ever prolific Motorbot has soldiered on, and whilst not busy casting a vast array of Meatsters, he’s been putting the final touches to the highly anticipated Robot 13 resin 5 pack! As you can see from the shotContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// The Robot 13 mini-figures from Motorbot…”

MAN-E-NEWS// Robot 13 mini figure reveal from Motorbot x Blacklist Studios…

Thomas Hall of Blacklist Studios has just sent over the first full shot of Motorbot‘s finished Robot 13 sculpt, leaving us with no doubt that the eventual 6 pack release will become one of the artist’s most sought after releases. Offered as part of the Robot 13 trade book Kickstarter project (featured here) to anyoneContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// Robot 13 mini figure reveal from Motorbot x Blacklist Studios…”

MAN-E-NEWS// 60th Anniversary toy releases from MAD magazine…

Coinciding with the celebration of Mad Magazine’s 60th Anniversary comes the return of legendary deadly duo, Spy vs Spy. First seen at the Spy vs Spy group custom show last year, the 9″ tall vinyl figures are available to purchase through DC Direct now, priced at $49.95 plus shipping for the pair. The monochromatic mayhemContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// 60th Anniversary toy releases from MAD magazine…”

UME Toys @ The Thought Bubble Festival’s Comic Con

Celebrating sequential and comic art of all forms, the Thought Bubble Festival is the largest of it’s kind in the UK. Starting on Monday (November 14th), the week long event features a number of workshops, competitions, film screenings, signings, panels and book launches across Yorkshire, finishing off with a two day comic convention at theContinue reading “UME Toys @ The Thought Bubble Festival’s Comic Con”

Uncovered: Modern Monstrosity Comics

With London Comic Con drawing ever closer, we’ve decided to shed a little light on one of our favourite exhibitors, the amazingly talented Modern Monstrosity Comics. Founded way back in 1999 by illustrator duo Laurence Powell and Oliver Lambden, Modern Monstrosity was created as a platform for their action/adventure sit-com comic book, Tales From TheContinue reading “Uncovered: Modern Monstrosity Comics”

London Comic Con MCM Expo @ ExCell London

With the mighty San Diego and New York Comic Cons opening to record breaking crowds this year, UK fans and collectors of sequential (comic) art have been largely left out in the cold- that was until now; Opening this Friday at London’s ExCell convention centre, the London Comic Con MCM Expo 2011 covers the basesContinue reading “London Comic Con MCM Expo @ ExCell London”

Uncovered: Dan Goodsell’s Mr Toast- New Works for NYCC 2011

LA based illustrator Dan Goodsell has been brightening up the world with his hilarious brand of art for nearly ten years now, with the oddball cast of “The Imaginary World” (his signature series) featuring in numerous paintings, comic strips, animations, books and toys across the planet. Originally (and rather ambitiously!) Goodsell planned to create hisContinue reading “Uncovered: Dan Goodsell’s Mr Toast- New Works for NYCC 2011”

Andreas Englund’s Ageing Superheroes

Originally hailing from Falun, Stockholm based artist Andreas Englund recently came to our attention through his latest series of paintings; featuring a fragile, ageing Punisher. Depicting the decreped superhero in a variety of seemingly mundane situations, Andreas’ new work questions the fragility of life, our attitudes towards older generations, and the vulnerability of even theContinue reading “Andreas Englund’s Ageing Superheroes”