‘Ghosts’ Group Art Show @ Gallery 1988

(Rex Crowle ‘AKA Rexbox’ “Ghosts N Tapestries”) Opening last Thursday (November 10th) at Gallery 1988’s Venice location, ‘Ghosts’ sees the collaboration of respected low-brow illustrators Scott Campbell, Olly Moss, Rexbox and Jon Klassen. Taking some of pop-cultures most cherished ghostly creations including Casper, Space Ghost, Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice, the quartet of artists have lovingly re-interpretedContinue reading “‘Ghosts’ Group Art Show @ Gallery 1988”

Uncovered: Dan Goodsell’s Mr Toast- New Works for NYCC 2011

LA based illustrator Dan Goodsell has been brightening up the world with his hilarious brand of art for nearly ten years now, with the oddball cast of “The Imaginary World” (his signature series) featuring in numerous paintings, comic strips, animations, books and toys across the planet. Originally (and rather ambitiously!) Goodsell planned to create hisContinue reading “Uncovered: Dan Goodsell’s Mr Toast- New Works for NYCC 2011”