MAN-E-NEWS// The Superlab Playset from Citizen Brick…

Whilst slightly out of the realm of our usual posting, the latest release from premium Lego customisers Citizen Brick was simply too good to ignore… presenting the Superlab Playset! Following the continued success of their Breaking Bad inspired “Chemistry Enthusiast” figure, CB’s first ever fully fledged playset takes the concept one step further, accurately replicatingContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// The Superlab Playset from Citizen Brick…”

MAN-E-NEWS// The visible skeleton Stormtrooper LEGO bootleg from 2bitHACK…

Sitting alongside the recently revealed “Smiley Copper” action figure (check it out here), 2bitHACK has been hard at work on yet another project, the as yet untitled “visible skeleton LEGO Stormtrooper” bootleg! Revealing an initial kit-bash test pull last week featuring a de-armed, mini-legged LEGO Stormtrooper with the strap-line “Test pull… The nontest pulls will beContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// The visible skeleton Stormtrooper LEGO bootleg from 2bitHACK…”

Shaun of the Dead Lego concept by Yatkuu on Cuusoo…

If we hole up, I wanna be somewhere familiar, I wanna know where the exits are, and I wanna be allowed to smoke! -Shaun Whilst sifting through the many brilliant Lego concepts on Cuusoo, we stumbled upon the latest project by Yatkuu- a startlingly accurate diorama of the Winchester pub from Shaun of the Dead!Continue reading “Shaun of the Dead Lego concept by Yatkuu on Cuusoo…”

LEGO x Super7 Concept Prototypes by Devilboy

Exclusively revealed on leading art toy blog Toys R Evil last week, Saddest Devil creator Toby Dutkiewicz, aka Devilboy, has been working on a concept toy line that melds the accessibility of Lego with the style and flare of Super7’s renowned kaiju toys. Created alongside Super7 artist and designer Brian Flynn (who supplied both the original vinylContinue reading “LEGO x Super7 Concept Prototypes by Devilboy”

Planet Streetpainting’s 3D LEGO Army @ Sarasota Chalk Festival

Drawing to a close yesterday, the world famous Sarasota Chalk Festival featured over 250 artists across seven days, all proudly working in the versatile yet evanescent medium of chalk. Entering in the festival’s newly formed ‘3D Pavement Art’ segment, Dutch collective ‘Planet Streetpainting’ stole the show with their witty piece, the ‘3D Lego Army’. InspiredContinue reading “Planet Streetpainting’s 3D LEGO Army @ Sarasota Chalk Festival”

LEGO® Mini-figures on a Mission… to Outer Space

Launching at the beginning of last month, NASA’s Jupiter space probe, the Atlas V rocket, was secretly carrying a few unique stowaways. In a collaboration with Lego, three mini-figures were especially created and attached to the space craft for it’s five year journey to the fifth planet from the Sun. The toys, based on theContinue reading “LEGO® Mini-figures on a Mission… to Outer Space”