MAN-E-NEWS// Custom Cosmic Squadron from Max Toy’s Mark Nagata…

Swiftly following last month’s awesome Todd Robertson collaboration, the Cosmic Squadron are back… this time at the hands of Max Toy‘s Mark Nagata! Revealed on his Twitter feed yesterday, the set of four vinyl figures have been painted in Nagata’s unmistakable “galaxy” style, featuring other-worldly airbrushing, meticulously brushed facial detailing and subtle additions including cigarettesContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// Custom Cosmic Squadron from Max Toy’s Mark Nagata…”

MAN-E-NEWS// New Captain Maxx and Mecha Nekoron protos from Max Toy Company…

It’s been a busy week already for Max Toy collectors with the re-opening of the exclusive membership club on Monday, so it came with great surprise today to find that Mark Nagata has revealed not one but two new protos that should be heading to the Max Toy shop soon! First up comes the muchContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// New Captain Maxx and Mecha Nekoron protos from Max Toy Company…”

Monster Kolor’s Artist Series featuring the Sucklord

Regarded as the premier paint manufacturer amongst the custom art toy community, Monster Kolor have recently revealed their latest Artist Series of paints to wide fanfare. Featuring collaborations with the Sucklord, Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co), and Todd Robertson (Mecha Virus), Monster Kolor’s Matt Walker has worked side-by-side with each of the artists to createContinue reading “Monster Kolor’s Artist Series featuring the Sucklord”

UPDATE// The Rising Tide 2 @ Rotofugi artwork reveal

Covered here on TTF a couple of weeks back, the artwork for Rotofugi’s latest group show, The Rising Tide 2, has finally been made available to purchase through their online store. Curated by LiLJapan, the show features the work of several Japanese and Japanese/American artists including Max Toys’ Max Nagata, Skulltoys,¬†Shun Nakatsura, Uamou, and¬†Kenta Shimbo.Continue reading “UPDATE// The Rising Tide 2 @ Rotofugi artwork reveal”

Toy Karma 3 @Rotofugi Gallery

Now in it’s third run, Toy Karma, in association with Max Nagata’s Max Toy Company, will be finally opening it’s doors at the Rotofugi gallery on September 10th. Celebrating the weird and wonderful world of Japanese Kaiju toys (made famous by the likes of Godzilla, Mothra and Ultraman in the 70’s), the exhibition has beenContinue reading “Toy Karma 3 @Rotofugi Gallery”