UPDATE// The Rising Tide 2 @ Rotofugi artwork reveal

Covered here on TTF a couple of weeks back, the artwork for Rotofugi’s latest group show, The Rising Tide 2, has finally been made available to purchase through their online store. Curated by LiLJapan, the show features the work of several Japanese and Japanese/American artists including Max Toys’ Max Nagata, Skulltoys, Shun Nakatsura, Uamou, and Kenta Shimbo.Continue reading “UPDATE// The Rising Tide 2 @ Rotofugi artwork reveal”

Zim and Zou’s “Back to Basics” Retro Paper Craft

French graphic design house, Zim and Zou, have recently finished their highly anticipated Back to Basics project, a beautiful study of vintage technologies in paper-craft form. Featuring iconic designs from the 80’s era, the likes of the Polaroid camera, Gameboy, floppy disk, Walkman and NES controller have been faithfully re-created in the era’s bold andContinue reading “Zim and Zou’s “Back to Basics” Retro Paper Craft”