Thomas Hourdain and The Dirty Cream’s Designer Christmas Trees: Sapinos 2011 series

Conceived back in 2009 by designer Thomas Hourdain, the Sapinos project combines design and illustration with the traditional Christmas tree to produce the ultimate low brow, needle-less (!) decoration for the holidays.

Measuring 40cm high and 20cm wide, the Sapinos are made from polyester, are fully customisable and easy to assemble. The latest series features artwork from 14 artists including Ekiem, MKT4, Skwak, Oster, Codel, Lady Shove, Ant (Pandacrew), Ice Cream, TC, and Suckaz, with each design limited to 50 pieces each.

Manufactured in collaboration with French gallery, The Dirty Cream, the Christmas trees (along with a few of the original 2009 series) are now available to purchase through their online store here. The Dirty Cream have also released a blank DIY tree for your customising pleasure. The DIY tree, along with the 14 main designs are priced at €20 each plus p&p.

Here’s a selection of our favourite designs-

(photos- thedirtycream)

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