MAN-E-TOYS// “Oh No HD2” teaser sketch from Plaseebo…

Bob Conge aka Plaseebo has kindly sent us the above tentative sketch of his latest upcoming creation, provisionally titled “Oh No HD2” (we’re still trying to decipher its meaning, bear with us!). Very little information is available at present, but from what we can glean from the image, this piece is set to feature aContinue reading “MAN-E-TOYS// “Oh No HD2” teaser sketch from Plaseebo…”

MAN-E-NEWS// Podgy Panda x Cris Rose resin figure teased…

After last month’s tentative Illustrator shot on Instagram (pictured below), news of the proposed Podgy Panda and Cris Rose collaboration have been thin on the ground- until now… Posted on Cris’ Tumblr yesterday come 2 images of the resin figure to be produced by the pair, sporting one of the many head designs seen inContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// Podgy Panda x Cris Rose resin figure teased…”

Thomas Hourdain and The Dirty Cream’s Designer Christmas Trees: Sapinos 2011 series

Conceived back in 2009 by designer Thomas Hourdain, the Sapinos project combines design and illustration with the traditional Christmas tree to produce the ultimate low brow, needle-less (!) decoration for the holidays. Measuring 40cm high and 20cm wide, the Sapinos are made from polyester, are fully customisable and easy to assemble. The latest series featuresContinue reading “Thomas Hourdain and The Dirty Cream’s Designer Christmas Trees: Sapinos 2011 series”

“THE EVOLUTION WILL BE FABULOUS”- New Sculptures by Peter Gronquist

Closing tomorrow after a two week stint at Gallery 1988’s prestigious Venice location, the “Evolution Will Be Fabulous” exhibition showcases the latest work by hotly tipped Portland based painter and sculptor, Peter Gronquist. Visiting familiar themes, Gronquist presents a series of spectacularly grotesque sculptures, featuring his trademark blend of animal busts, weaponry, designer label referencesContinue reading ““THE EVOLUTION WILL BE FABULOUS”- New Sculptures by Peter Gronquist”

Kidrobot x Swatch Watch Project: Update

Previewed way back in June (TTFiles 15/06), Kidrobot’s highly anticipated collaboration with watch manufacturer Swatch has finally come to fruition. Featuring designs from 8 of the world’s most highly sought after illustrators, including Tru:Teknology Files favourites Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter and Gary Baseman, the watches (plus their Dunny counterparts) are available through Swatch at aroundContinue reading “Kidrobot x Swatch Watch Project: Update”

Bristol’s Street Art Revealed: feat. ‘See No Evil 2011’

Often heralded as the centre for UK street art, Bristol has been home to some of the UK’s leading graffiti artists including Inkie, 3D, and Banksy. With the art form’s legitimacy in the media ever increasing, local crew Team Love organised the ‘See No Evil’ block party, one of the world’s largest scale urban artContinue reading “Bristol’s Street Art Revealed: feat. ‘See No Evil 2011’”

Chay Lin Su and Rika Lin’s “JumpFromPaper” 2D Handbags

Created by Taipei based duo, Chay Lin Su and Rika Lin, the JumpFromPaper project was set up to showcase the designers’ latest playful and innovative line of handbags. As the name suggests, the bags have one major visual hook- they look like they’ve been taken directly from the pair’s sketchbooks. One day, Chay and RikaContinue reading “Chay Lin Su and Rika Lin’s “JumpFromPaper” 2D Handbags”