Eeerz Invasion Tour in association with Ubisoft @ Forbidden Planet

Opening last Friday (November 25th) at London’s premier comic emporium Forbidden Planet, the Eeerz Invasion Tour features customs of Ubisoft’s first vinyl art toy, Eeerz. Based on their popular IP Raving Rabbids, the Eeerz figures feature the trademark floppy ears and rotund bodies that players of the games will instantly recognise, whilst also providing the perfect shape for customisers to unleash their skills.

The show features around 20 custom Eeerz from over 10 established low-brow artists/toy designers including Pete Fowler, Triclops Studio, Skwak, and TTFiles favourite, Lunartik- all of which will be available for purchase at the end of the tour through Forbidden Planet’s web store here.

Eeerz Preview

The opening night saw all of the artist’s presenting their pieces, signing autographs and creating one off artworks for attendees of the show, whilst Lunartik was on call to offer guests workshops on customising their own Eeerz toy. Unfortunately we were unable to attend on Friday, but we were able to take a look yesterday at the amazing collection- check out the photos below for some of our favourites-

The Eeerz blank DIY custom toy is available to buy now from all Forbidden Planet outlets, priced at £34.99 each. Limited multi-coloured flocked Eeerz (pictured) are also available through their flagship London store for £59.99.

Check Forbidden Planet’s event blog here for more information, the show will be running until the end of the month.

(photos- tru:tek/lunartik)

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