Eeerz Invasion Tour in association with Ubisoft @ Forbidden Planet

Opening last Friday (November 25th) at London’s premier comic emporium Forbidden Planet, the Eeerz Invasion Tour features customs of Ubisoft’s first vinyl art toy, Eeerz. Based on their popular IP Raving Rabbids, the Eeerz figures feature the trademark floppy ears and rotund bodies that players of the games will instantly recognise, whilst also providing theContinue reading “Eeerz Invasion Tour in association with Ubisoft @ Forbidden Planet”

Uncovered: Ted Terranova’s Beautiful World of War- RIVET WARS

“Rivet Wars takes place in a world locked in a decades long battle. The inhabitants of the planet Rivet have divided themselves into two factions, the Allies and the Blight. The Allies see themselves as fighting for the freedom of all Rivets. When the Blight began their attacks, the free nations of Rivet gathered theirContinue reading “Uncovered: Ted Terranova’s Beautiful World of War- RIVET WARS”

Uncovered: The Custom Toys of Graffiti Artist HOAKSER

Based in Birmingham, full time graffiti artist, Hoakser, has gained a huge amount of attention in recent years for the wide and varied scope in which his art has been delivered. Primarily working with spray paints, Hoakser is a master in wild styles, dubs, hand styles and characters, with his creations featuring on walls, t-shirts,Continue reading “Uncovered: The Custom Toys of Graffiti Artist HOAKSER”

Lunartik’s Classic Cup Collection Series 1

Fresh off of the heels of his world encompassing Mini Tea Tour, and this month’s release of the latest series of ‘in a cup of tea’ figures (see below) the ever busy artist, Lunartik, is set to drop his new range of lovingly created cups, designed for holding the nation’s (and Lunartik’s!) favourite hot beverage.Continue reading “Lunartik’s Classic Cup Collection Series 1”