The Dominant Species: new customs from Hoakser…

Featured extensively here at the Tru:Teknology Files (including our exclusive interview here), UK graffiti artist Hoakser has been putting the final touches to his latest custom art toy project, The Dominant Species. Standing at 16cm tall, the pair of customised wrestling figures have been burnt, re-sculpted, and sprayed to perfection, featuring Hoakser’s now infamous fatContinue reading “The Dominant Species: new customs from Hoakser…”

Uncovered: The Custom Toys of Graffiti Artist HOAKSER

Based in Birmingham, full time graffiti artist, Hoakser, has gained a huge amount of attention in recent years for the wide and varied scope in which his art has been delivered. Primarily working with spray paints, Hoakser is a master in wild styles, dubs, hand styles and characters, with his creations featuring on walls, t-shirts,Continue reading “Uncovered: The Custom Toys of Graffiti Artist HOAKSER”