MAN-E-NEWS// Yum Yum London’s winning character set…

After nearly 2 years in the making, Beth and Jonny of Yum Yum London are proud to reveal the five figures that will be making up there first toy release! Originally asking readers of the Yum Yum blog to decide which characters were to be chosen back in 2010, Zombie, Cactus, Hotdog, Popcorn and GrannyContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// Yum Yum London’s winning character set…”

MAN-E-UPDATE// Martin Longbottom from UME Toys… Now in resin!

Swiftly following the reveal of Martin Longbottom V.3 over the weekend (find out more here), Richard Page spent the whole of yesterday locked away in the UME Toys resin lab- with the breathtaking results shown above! Limited to an initial batch of 10, the super-smooth castings just require some minor assembly and paint (plus someContinue reading “MAN-E-UPDATE// Martin Longbottom from UME Toys… Now in resin!”

MAN-E-NEWS// UME Toys’ Martin Longbottom final sculpt revealed…

After months on the drawing board and 3 sculpts later, UME Toys‘ mascot “Martin Longbottom” is finally ready to hit the mould making depot and become a fully fledged resin toy! Sculpted by Richard Page, the newly revised Martin stands at a cute 5″ tall with his hat on. No news as of yet withContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// UME Toys’ Martin Longbottom final sculpt revealed…”

ARTWORK REVEAL// GROTY: new work from Casey Weldon @ Gallery 1988

With Casey Weldon’s Groty drawing to a close this weekend (December 24th), we’ve decided to take a look back at the art that made the show so special. Held at Gallery 1988’s Venice location, the exhibition featured a number of paintings and drawings, with iconic 80′s toys and their attached nostalgia a focal point for Casey’sContinue reading “ARTWORK REVEAL// GROTY: new work from Casey Weldon @ Gallery 1988”

“I Still Feel Something” New Works by Shannon Bonatakis @ Rotofugi

Opening to a warm reception at Chicago’s prestigious Rotofugi gallery last Friday (November 11th), ‘I Still Feel You’ is the latest exhibition from Denvor based illustrator Shannon Bonatakis. Inspired by human experiences, both personal and interpersonal, Shannon’s highly stylised and emotionally charged portraiture has propelled her to the top of the low-brow art/illustration scene- withContinue reading ““I Still Feel Something” New Works by Shannon Bonatakis @ Rotofugi”

‘Plush-o-Rama’ Group Art Show @ Dragatomi

Opening last Saturday (November 12th), ‘Plush-o-Rama’ is the latest show at Sacremento’s premier art toy gallery and store, Dragatomi. Organised by highly respected low-brow illustrator Julie West, the show features a number of talented artists including 64 Colors, Gary Ham, Shawnimals, Superdeux and Scott Tolleson, all of which have created stunning one-off plush toys inContinue reading “‘Plush-o-Rama’ Group Art Show @ Dragatomi”

TrustoCorp’s ‘Life Cycle’ @ Opera Gallery, NY

Opening this Friday evening (October 21st) at the Opera Gallery, NYC, ‘Life Cycles’ is the latest exhibition by the infamous street art crew, Trustocorp. Featuring the group’s larger-than-life approach across film, painting and interactive sculpture, Life Cycles is set to be their most ambitious project to date. “After a long summer of highly publicized, illegalContinue reading “TrustoCorp’s ‘Life Cycle’ @ Opera Gallery, NY”

Le Petit Monstres: New Works From Scott Tolleson, Abe Lincoln Jr & Patricio Oliver

With a reception last Saturday, the Oh No! Doom gallery’s latest exhibition, Le Petit Monstres, has opened to huge success. Featuring the latest works from Abe Lincoln Jnr, Scott Tolleson, and Patricio Oliver, the show features ‘petite’ paintings, prints and resin cast toys, all with an appropriately monstrous tone. Famed for their collaborations with theContinue reading “Le Petit Monstres: New Works From Scott Tolleson, Abe Lincoln Jr & Patricio Oliver”