MAN-E-NEWS// The Sucklord x L’Amour Supreme “Bootleg Party Packs” for Tiny Trifecta…

Tasked with creating a series of 3 small pieces of art for The Cotton Candy Machine‘s upcoming Tiny Trifecta group show, The Sucklord and L’Amour Supreme have teamed up to create 2 joint efforts, the aptly titled Bootleg Party Packs! Featuring 2 sets of 3 bootlegged figures from the Sucklord (our favourite has to beContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// The Sucklord x L’Amour Supreme “Bootleg Party Packs” for Tiny Trifecta…”

MAN-E-NEWS// JellyBot 2.0 from Selina Briggs x Argonaut Resins…

The Jelly Empire’s Selina Briggs has just sent over a teaser for her latest project with Eric of Argonaut Resins, the JellyBot 2.0! Set to debut at the  MOCCA Festival in New York on April 28th and 29th, the pair have promised to reveal more about the project closer to the time. For now though, I guessContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// JellyBot 2.0 from Selina Briggs x Argonaut Resins…”

MAN-E-NEWS// Art toy in a cup: The Creature Cups…

“Creeping along the bottom of your cup, the Octopus is up to noooo good. He’ll be a little startled if you catch him, and who knows what he’s doing if you don’t.” Whilst sifting through the stacks of cool designers and products over at Storenvy yesterday, we stumbled upon the perfect drinking untensils for theContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// Art toy in a cup: The Creature Cups…”

MAN-E-NEWS// ‘Super Fattie’ 6″ Fatcap from Queen Andrea x Kidrobot…

Dropping alongside Frank Kozik’s ‘Bondage’ Labbit this month comes the arrival of Kidrobot‘s latest 6″ Fatcap, the ‘Super Fattie’ from New York based artist, Queen Andrea. It’s been nearly 3 years since we last saw the super-sized Fatcap platform in action (Toofly’s 2009 addition was the last, I think?!), so it was a great surpriseContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// ‘Super Fattie’ 6″ Fatcap from Queen Andrea x Kidrobot…”

Occupy Cybertron: New works from the Sucklord @ End of the Century

Check out the updated post including artwork here!Opening Monday December 5th at New York Lower East Side’s  “The End of the Century” gallery, “Occupy Cybertron” is the latest exhibition from bootleg toy supremo, the Sucklord. His first appearance since being voted off Bravo’s “Work of Art”, the Sucklord’s latest show pays homage to the OccupyContinue reading “Occupy Cybertron: New works from the Sucklord @ End of the Century”

‘Carry The Fun’ New Works By Sonni @ MPH: Artwork Reveal

(Che Gomita by Sonni) Running until the end of this week (November 27th) at My Plastic Heart’s NYC showrooms, ‘Carry The Fun’ is the latest debut show from Argentine artist and graphic designer Sonni. Featuring a collection of nine paintings and over forty of Sonni’s trademark wooden house sculptures, the exhibition has recently been putContinue reading “‘Carry The Fun’ New Works By Sonni @ MPH: Artwork Reveal”

TrustoCorp’s ‘Life Cycle’ @ Opera Gallery, NY

Opening this Friday evening (October 21st) at the Opera Gallery, NYC, ‘Life Cycles’ is the latest exhibition by the infamous street art crew, Trustocorp. Featuring the group’s larger-than-life approach across film, painting and interactive sculpture, Life Cycles is set to be their most ambitious project to date. “After a long summer of highly publicized, illegalContinue reading “TrustoCorp’s ‘Life Cycle’ @ Opera Gallery, NY”