‘Ghosts’ Group Art Show @ Gallery 1988

(Rex Crowle ‘AKA Rexbox’ “Ghosts N Tapestries”) Opening last Thursday (November 10th) at Gallery 1988’s Venice location, ‘Ghosts’ sees the collaboration of respected low-brow illustrators Scott Campbell, Olly Moss, Rexbox and Jon Klassen. Taking some of pop-cultures most cherished ghostly creations including Casper, Space Ghost, Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice, the quartet of artists have lovingly re-interpretedContinue reading “‘Ghosts’ Group Art Show @ Gallery 1988”

Le Petit Monstres: New Works From Scott Tolleson, Abe Lincoln Jr & Patricio Oliver

With a reception last Saturday, the Oh No! Doom gallery’s latest exhibition, Le Petit Monstres, has opened to huge success. Featuring the latest works from Abe Lincoln Jnr, Scott Tolleson, and Patricio Oliver, the show features ‘petite’ paintings, prints and resin cast toys, all with an appropriately monstrous tone. Famed for their collaborations with theContinue reading “Le Petit Monstres: New Works From Scott Tolleson, Abe Lincoln Jr & Patricio Oliver”

Word to Mother’s ‘Essence Of Adolescence’ @ StolenSpace

Opening to a sell out crowd last Friday night (October 14th) at the legendary StolenSpace gallery, ‘Essence of Adolescence’ is the latest solo exhibition from respected contemporary artist Word To Mother. Signaling his fifth show at Brick Lane’s cultural hub, Word To Mother touches upon familiar themes in his latest work; juxtaposing colourful cartoon charactersContinue reading “Word to Mother’s ‘Essence Of Adolescence’ @ StolenSpace”

Uncovered: Dan Goodsell’s Mr Toast- New Works for NYCC 2011

LA based illustrator Dan Goodsell has been brightening up the world with his hilarious brand of art for nearly ten years now, with the oddball cast of “The Imaginary World” (his signature series) featuring in numerous paintings, comic strips, animations, books and toys across the planet. Originally (and rather ambitiously!) Goodsell planned to create hisContinue reading “Uncovered: Dan Goodsell’s Mr Toast- New Works for NYCC 2011”

“And I’d Like to Thank…” The New Works of Philip Lumbang @ Dragatomi

Opening last Saturday at Sacramento’s premier toy/art gallery Dragatomi, “And I’d Like to Thank…” is the latest solo show by popular character illustrator Philip Lumbang. The LA based artist has gained a strong reputation through his cute yet mischievious animal creations in recent years, working with the likes of OBEY Giant’s Studio Number One, butContinue reading ““And I’d Like to Thank…” The New Works of Philip Lumbang @ Dragatomi”

Alex Pardee and Skinner aka The Butcher Kings @ Gallery 1988 18+

Joining forces back in the late 90’s through a mutual love of cult pop culture, famed artists Alex Pardee and Skinner have recently opened the doors to their latest show at Gallery 1988, entitled ‘The Butcher Kings’. One of the Californian duos most anticipated exhibitions to date, ‘The Butcher Kings’ has been heralded as GalleryContinue reading “Alex Pardee and Skinner aka The Butcher Kings @ Gallery 1988 18+”

Uncovered: The Art of Liam Brazier

Caveman, Liam Brazier 2011 Man Up Hangman Recently coming to our attention through his collaboration with Dissention Records for the ‘Scope: Art in the Mind’ exhibition at London’s Brick Lane Gallery, British born illustrator and animator, Liam Brazier, has built a strong reputation as one of the country’s hottest up-and-coming pop artists. Focusing on charactersContinue reading “Uncovered: The Art of Liam Brazier”

Hope Gallery Presents the Quick & Painful Flash Tattoo Tour

Fusing the talents of contemporary tattoo and illustration, the Hope Gallery’s latest project, entitled Quick and Painful, features a host of today’s most elite low brow artists presenting their own take on the art of tattoo flash. Used widely throughout the last century, and made famous by the likes of Sailor Jerry and Doc Forbes,Continue reading “Hope Gallery Presents the Quick & Painful Flash Tattoo Tour”

Bristol’s Street Art Revealed: feat. ‘See No Evil 2011’

Often heralded as the centre for UK street art, Bristol has been home to some of the UK’s leading graffiti artists including Inkie, 3D, and Banksy. With the art form’s legitimacy in the media ever increasing, local crew Team Love organised the ‘See No Evil’ block party, one of the world’s largest scale urban artContinue reading “Bristol’s Street Art Revealed: feat. ‘See No Evil 2011’”

Garbage Pail Kids @Gallery 1988: Update

Previewed last week here at the Tru:Teknology Files, Gallery 1988 have finally opened their doors for the highly anticipated Garbage Pail Kids exhibition. Featuring interpretations of the brand’s infamous first series, from the likes of Buff Monster and Rhys Cooper (both pictured), the exhibition has now been revealed on-line through the gallery’s web page, withContinue reading “Garbage Pail Kids @Gallery 1988: Update”

Chay Lin Su and Rika Lin’s “JumpFromPaper” 2D Handbags

Created by Taipei based duo, Chay Lin Su and Rika Lin, the JumpFromPaper project was set up to showcase the designers’ latest playful and innovative line of handbags. As the name suggests, the bags have one major visual hook- they look like they’ve been taken directly from the pair’s sketchbooks. One day, Chay and RikaContinue reading “Chay Lin Su and Rika Lin’s “JumpFromPaper” 2D Handbags”